Who We Are

We have been working in the health, fitness and education sector for nearly 20 years and good nutrition and its health benefits have always been a passion and interest to us and now we can help by crafting nutritious nutrient packed, ready-made smoothies, delivered to your door.

Smoothies have become a great way to quickly and easily acquire the essential vitamins, minerals and fibre to meet your body’s needs. Blend Well’s frozen pre-prepared selection can help maintain your body’s needs and save you time.

With the help of a certified nutritionist,  we ensure you receive  seasonal ready-to-blend smoothies packs filled with farm-fresh, organic, locally-sourced fruits, vegetables, nuts, super foods and more. This allows us to continue to spread the importance of vital nutrient intake to community through nutrition preparation and social media outlets

Hope you enjoy 🙂

Our Philosophy

Nutrition is the foundation of health.

Your body is a wonderful thing. Give it the nutrition it deserves and watch it excel.

We are dedicated to getting Australian bodies the nutrients they need and halting the stream of artificial, refined products with nourishing wholefoods.

Food should come in the form nature intended – unprocessed and without anything artificial.

We are committed to taking the hassle out of being healthy, and about maximising our time and doing things that free ourselves to enjoy life. All the while taking care of our precious health.

We are about making healthy lifestyle choices. Small choices that have a big impact.

It’s not simply about smoothies. It’s about healthy lifestyles

We know we’re only as good as our ingredients and Blend Well will never compromise on quality. Your health is our motivation.

Smoothie Recipe
Smoothie Delivery Melbourne

Why Blend Well?

We know that your most important assets are your health and your time. Blend Well looks out for both.

Our smoothies help you get your body the vital nutrition it needs.

They also get you more time back in your day.

Time to sleep that little bit longer in the morning. To not break stride during your work day. To provide instant pre/post-workout nutrition.

A lot of store-bought smoothies are expensive and often contain low-standard ingredients.

We use farm fresh, organic ingredients, frozen to trap the nutrients at peak ripeness to make Blend Well smoothies the highest possible quality.

And, unlike most smoothies you buy at the shop, we don’t use ice to bulk up our smoothies.

Real, whole ingredients. Nothing artificial.