Summer Crush Smoothie

Whether as a animal protein substitute, post work-out drink or meal replacement , this smoothie will give you a great protein hit. Along with the pea protein you get protein, fibre and essential fats from chia and almonds , the iron and fibre from spinach and sweetness of dates

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Organic Apples

Granny Smith Apples

High in vitamin C, which supports cardiovascular health, protects against eye disease and lowers risk for prenatal health problems.

Filled with important flavonoids that calm systemic inflammation and fight cell-damaging free radicals.

High in fibre, important for detoxification and healthy digestive function.


High in calcium and copper, both essential for brain cell communication nervous system support.

Contains magnesium and vitamin E, important for bone strength, energy production and cell communication.

Full of healthy unsaturated fatty acids and fibre to lower LDL cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease.

Packed with B vitamins for optimal energy.

Great source of other minerals such as manganese, potassium, calcium and iron.

Organic Almonds

Seasonal Pear

Pears are high in fibre for good digestive health, and cholesterol absorption

High in B vitamins to aid in metabolic functions

Good source of vitamin C to aid the immune system and cell repair

Organic Chia Seeds

Very low in calories and incredibly nutrient dense.

High in fibre, omega 3 fats, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and B-vitamins.

High in antioxidants, which protect their healthy fat content.

Almost 100% of carbohydrate content is in the form of dietary fibre, essential for GI health and cancer prevention.

Higher in protein than most other plant foods, which can also help with curbing sugar cravings.

Studies have shown that chia seeds can help to lower cholesterol and greatly support health in diabetics.

Omega 3 fatty acids support brain health and cognitive performance.

Organic Chia Seeds

Organic Spinach

Packed full of free-radical fighting antioxidants to protect cells from damage.

Contains the nutrients glycoglycerolipids that help repair the lining of the digestive tract.

High in vitamin K, essential for calcium absorption and blood clot prevention.

High in iron, vital for oxygen blood flow and energy.

High in cell protective vitamin A, also important for healthy skin and hair.

Contains vitamins B2 and C, along with copper, magnesium, manganese, potassium, calcium, folate and fibre.

Organic Spinach
Organic Dates


High fibre content helps regulate digestion and relieves constipation.

Contains the important mineral magnesium, essential for managing inflammation related conditions.

Vitamin B6, which is key for brain health.

Pea Protein

High fibre content helps regulate digestion and relieves constipation and has alow GI content.

100% vegan, lactose free and a hypoallergenic vegetable.

easily digestable so it reduces bloating.

High Amino Acid content to improve muscle repair, regeneration and growth.

Pea Protein
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