Want Smoothies In Your Workplace?

Encourage productivity through healthy, convenient nutrition.

Fresh whole ingredients in Blend Well smoothies support energy and cognitive function, helping your staff get more done each day.

Having Blend Well smoothies on hand for your staff does away with sugary, refined snacks typically found in the work place.

Blend Well smoothies make a perfect breakfast at the start of a busy day in the office or a convenient snack at any time during the day in just a couple of minutes, meaning no company time is lost.

Get your staff members performing at their best – they’ll thank you for it. Just don’t forget to save one for yourself!

Sign up for a 12-month subscription to Blend Well and we’ll give you a free blender* for your office kitchen valued at $300 to make the perfect smoothie every time!

Orders made to suit your company’s needs and size and prices discounted to match.

*See Terms & Conditions or contact us at howdy@blendwell.com.au for full details.