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No more messy time-consuming preparation.

No more sourcing piles of expensive ingredients.

Nutritionist-crafted wholefood frozen smoothie packs delivered to your door.

Get up to 70% of your daily fruit and vegetables in the time it takes to switch on your blender!

Smoothie Packs

We Use Farm Fresh Ingredients to Create Ready-to-Blend Frozen Smoothie Packs

Organic Smoothies

You Choose Your Smoothies and Frequency of Delivery. We Get Packing.

Smoothie Pack

Your Smoothie Packs Are Delivered Frozen to Your Door – Free Delivery!

Smoothie Recipe

Place Your Smoothie Packs Into Your Freezer or Straight Into Your Blender.

Our Smoothies

A generous serve of carefully crafted with the help of our nutritionist to maximise nutrition and flavour.

Drink & Be Cherry
Rich. Luscious. Irresistible.

Detoxify Me
Cleanse. Reboot. Revitalise.

Mint Choc
Smooth. Chocolaty. Luxuriant.

Refreshing and fruity.

Berry Nutty
Sweet. Velvety. Elegant.

Mango Fandango
Succulent. Tropical. Energising.

Acai Clearly Now
Exotic. Sumptuous. Alluring.

About Our Smoothies


Blend Well is founded on busy mornings, empty fridges and under-appreciated blenders.

On your desire to be healthy that’s constantly at odds with the pace of your jam-packed life.

We arrange Mother Nature’s creations and deliver them to you, unadulterated – as She intended.

With Blend Well you are only ever 90 seconds away from the nutrients your body needs. We can’t stop time. But we can save it.

And unlike a lot of smoothies you buy, we don’t use low quality ingredients or ice to bulk up our smoothies.

Real, whole ingredients. Nothing artificial.


Organic and Locally-sourced Ingredients

Farm-fresh, organic and locally-sourced ingredients.

Ready-to-blend Frozen Smoothie Packs

A generous serve of nutritionist-crafted ready-to-blend frozen smoothie packs filled with whole ingredients.